SO… that was JUST the most remote MOTOGP ever created. Now What’s Next ?

The Lombok MotoGP 2022 was indeed a very funky yet epic race with extreme heat, spectacular but harmless crashes, and huge rain downpour during the main race; let alone the necessary resurfacing of the circuit in 5 days between the tests and the final race.  To be continued… … Being a villa to build overlooking a surf break or just … Read more


Dear “observer”, After over 2 months of strict COVID rules across the country, Indonesia has also managed to curb the expansion of the virus with full vaccination rates reaching 60% in Jakarta, the capital. The recovery pattern has been pretty much the same across the world, Indonesia has thus decided to follow the UK model … Read more

Lombok and Indonesia Reaching New Milestones

Nagaindo land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa

Ask the surfing pioneers at the Bintang shop or just someone who has lived in Indonesia for 10 years and they will tell you, this country has transformed itself to a point of no return. “Paradise is far for being lost, mate! It’s just not invisible anymore to the rest of the planet.” Indeed important milestones have … Read more

Bali, Lombok and…. The next exciting destination, Sumbawa!

Nagaindo land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa

On our last trip to Sumbawa, Nagaindo crew, the South Lombok land investment company, bumped into an old friend, surfer, yogi, and entrepreneur whom we met years ago in Lombok, David Sanchez. He is now part of Lakey Peak Real Estate and its lifestyle branch, Sumbawa Movement. In search of perfect waves and a laidback … Read more