Newsletter Nagaindo Q1 2021

Lombok Forever Young Secret beaches, amazing surf, plenty of cheap & diverse eateries and merry social gatherings under the moonlight… This is the South Lombok we know. While the pandemic rolls out globally, Lombok has already reenergized itself and shown many new facets of its beauty & magic. Digital nomads and green entrepreneurs are moving to this … Read more

Nagaindo Weekly Update 27 Dec 2019

Nagaindo Weekly Update 27 Dec 2019 “Choose Your Sunrise in Lombok, Choose To Shine” Kuta Lombok is closing a tremendous year with new businesses moving to booming South Lombok. Long established resort Pearl of Trawangan has just opened Cremoso shop, which provides ice cream & pastries, and soon a shop / restaurant similar to what … Read more

Build Your Dream Villa In Lombok With Bambook Studio

Nagaindo land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa

After a decade working with land development and projects in South Lombok, Nagaindo, a land specialist which strategically outsource 80% of its servicing works, have learnt to pick the most reliable players in the market. Among the very few architects we work with, we would like to introduce to the only one who lives permanently down … Read more

Lombok and Indonesia Reaching New Milestones

Nagaindo land for sale investment property Kuta Lombok surf yoga villa

Ask the surfing pioneers at the Bintang shop or just someone who has lived in Indonesia for 10 years and they will tell you, this country has transformed itself to a point of no return. “Paradise is far for being lost, mate! It’s just not invisible anymore to the rest of the planet.” Indeed important milestones have … Read more