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After over 2 months of strict COVID rules across the country, Indonesia has also managed to curb the expansion of the virus with full vaccination rates reaching 60% in Jakarta, the capital. The recovery pattern has been pretty much the same across the world, Indonesia has thus decided to follow the UK model to restart tourism and foreign travelling.

From November, a list of countries will be allowed to send to Indonesia fully vaccinated visitors and tourists alike. Arrival visas and quarantine periods will become friendlier sooner than later, but the certainty of reopening is very high this time.

So, when it comes to tourist demand for villa and hotels, one thing always shines. Holiday villas are a common alternative to traditional hotels or hostel accommodation in places like Bali or Phuket. Also called self-rented apartments or short-term rentals, their main difference is that they include a kitchen and other living space. It is often the way to live in a dream villa in a paradise location we cannot afford at this time in our life.

We have helped our clients over the years to build those holiday villas for rental or for themselves by offering them the safety of the land and the diversity of our network. See a shortlist of those successful projects: 
— Villa Serena at Kuta Skyline, a 4-bedroom luxury villa on 1400 sqm land, designed by Bambook Studio
— Villa Sunrise at Kuta Skyline, a 4-bedroom villa on 2800 sqm land, designed by Private Sanctuary 
— Villa Jacques at Twin Peaks, a 4-bedroom villa on 1700 sqm land designed by private project manager Julie Meurville 
— Villa Nusa Ulu at Gili Nusa Estate, a 3-bedroom villa on 1400 sqm land designed by Bambook Studio

Contact us if you want also be part of this new lifestyle and gain access to our latest opportunities. Our portfolio is diverse and can cater to many investment profiles.

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