Bali, Lombok and…. The next exciting destination, Sumbawa!

On our last trip to Sumbawa, Nagaindo crew, the South Lombok land investment company, bumped into an old friend, surfer, yogi, and entrepreneur whom we met years ago in Lombok, David Sanchez. He is now part of Lakey Peak Real Estate and its lifestyle branch, Sumbawa Movement.

In search of perfect waves and a laidback lifestyle, David landed in Bali 12 years ago to make it his home. Since then he has ventured into many businesses: from surf clothing to surf camps, rental villas to a hotel he built 5 years ago and still managing successfully. He has the business spark, but most of all he likes surfing and travelling. As he puts it with humour, ¨it gets expensive to live like a hippie¨. He has kept exploring and traveling Indonesia, discovering new and exciting destinations, particularly east towards his favourite islands of Lombok and Sumbawa. He found his dream island, he calls ¨the Playground¨ on the upcoming paradise island of Sumbawa where he has been making his base transition. He shares with us his vision on how things have changed over time in the 3 exotic jewels of Indonesia.

“Bali, year 2006:
David landed in Bali drawn by its perfect waves, warm water, tropical weather, a beautiful radiant culture, and a cool dynamic expat community where everyone knew everyone. A place full of possibilities to settle down. Bali has changed fast over the last decade. For the better to some and for the worst to others. Development has increased dramatically, traffic and pollution have followed, and the smaller communities of expats have transformed into a very different experience.
Everything starts with surfing. Surfers were the first intrepid and adventurous travellers to discover the magical island back in the 70¨s, and who made the first steps into the island evolution until today. It is quite a paradox, I have seen it over and over. Surfing destinations start becoming unappealing as development crosses the thin line that separates the exotic, to the over-developed and over-commercial, which becomes too crowded for the ones in search of a sense of authenticity, forcing the more adventurous and at times even the pioneers to go find once again new and more exotic places.
However Bali, is and will probably always be my home. There is something very unique and amazing about its culture, its people and the creativity and dynamism of its visitors. For those who crowds don’t mind so much, Bali still remains a dream holiday destination.

While Bali has continued to grow recklessly over the years to turn into a kind of city with different districts, its neighbour island, Lombok, has stayed for many years a cheaper and more remote alternative, for free spirit travellers like backpackers and surfers.

Lombok, Kuta, 2019:
The so called Bali’s little sister has been slowly transforming from a dusty paradise of unspoiled beaches and unridden roads, to a beautiful balanced town with all the basic facilities for people to come, fall in love and stay. Or try to.
The paradox to me is that people want comfortable facilities in order to start having interest for travel into places, but when facilities become far more than enough, people automatically switch to new exciting, attractive and unspoiled options. Of course not everyone, but in general, the nature and unspoiled factor its quite decisive for a holiday pick. The thin line again that I mentioned earlier.
Kuta Lombok a decade ago was kind of unknown to most travellers, with a bit of bad boy reputation including some lasting urban legends. It reminds me a lot to Lakey Peak today, without the bad reputation hehe. But over the last few years, Lombok has rapidly changed to become the Bali I felt in love with more than a decade ago. Kuta Lombok, another surfing paradise, is a place I regularly come to visit with friends, surf, and enjoy the new restaurants and happening spots that are quickly popping up. It has a great balance now. A new Bali of my old days, with a culture twist, and new generational vibes.
The same pattern, I can see, taking place further east:

East Sumbawa, Lakey peak, The Future

Apart from its exuberant landscapes, Lakey is probably the place in Indonesia with the largest number of world class waves in a very short distance. Within 10-15 minute drive you can find over a dozen of perfect waves, 6 of them world class and some mostly unknown…
To the northern part of the area there is Periscopes, a perfect right hander with perfect hollow jaw dropping barrels set in a beautiful bay with white sand beach and crystal clear water; Nungas, on the other side of the same Bay, a beautiful and long left hander great for less experienced surfers, that also on bigger days make beautifully shaped barrels. It is also one of the best places in the world for Kitesurfing, especially for strapless fun; The next Bay just minutes away lay Lakey Peak and Lakey Pipe, the most known waves in the area, and not by coincidence. Lakey Peak is a perfect A-Frame wave, fun for all levels, with hollow spitting barrels on the bigger days, Pipe is another dream left just meters away from the Pipe.
There are other many waves, that I would rather not mention yet as they are still considered kind of secret to locals.
All the waves are also connected through a beautiful recently built road with breath taking green jungle hills in the background (Hawaiian flair!). Oh yes!! And cant forget to mention a super fun, and more beginner wave in front of The Tree House, our Oasis of peace and good vibes minutes away from Lakey. The wave has been recently named TP´s, which stands for Tree House Point. If you are not that experienced, come by the Tree House on the tiny swells where waves are too small everywhere else, and have fun surfing and make sure to have a cold Bintang by the fire pit and the swing in front of the ocean. An experience I proudly recommend.

Lakey, is also a paradise for entrepreneurs. For 20 years Sumbawa tourism has come mostly from Australian and NZ surfers. However, these days interest is growing among European visitors, and people are investing here due to very affordable land prices and stunning opportunities. Beachfront properties are more than 20 times cheaper than hill land far from the beach in Kuta Lombok.
I think Lakey will probably never become a next Bali, or even Kuta Lombok, and I am happy about that. I think Lakey will evolve to its own rhythm, adapted to the new generations visiting.
How I would like Lakey to be in a few years? I do not know, I kind of like it now. However, my vision is a cool little town with plenty of surf, yoga, chill time, amazing sunsets, and good vibes. Kind of what it is now, with a nicer balance of nature and comfort. A great holiday destination.

From Lakey Peak Real Estate & Sumbawa Movement, we want to give thanks to our friends in Lombok for taking the interest in sharing our humble contribution to this beautiful place. Sumbawa offers plenty of opportunities, and endless possibilities for doing cool things and integrate them with the local community.

Join the Movement!! Enjoy the Ride!

David Sanchez
Associate Lakey Peak Real Estate
Instagram: sumbawa_movement
+62 811 385 807

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