Build Your Dream Villa In Lombok With Bambook Studio

After a decade working with land development and projects in South Lombok, Nagaindo, a land specialist which strategically outsource 80% of its servicing works, have learnt to pick the most reliable players in the market. Among the very few architects we work with, we would like to introduce to the only one who lives permanently down here, Paula Huerta.

Based in Lombok, they are an architectural studio specialized in sustainable design and consulting. Bambook was created out of a blend between our dreams as designers and our needs as people sharing this planet. “Dreams” of doing what we love, working in a beautiful environment, creating experiences for our clients that will be unforgettable. And “Needs” to preserve and protect as much as we can the south east Asia developing region (and the planet) by implementing only a thoughtful environmental friendly design and sustainable solutions.

Understanding the sun movement, wind flows, materials thermal capacity, etc. of a specific site location are the very first exercises that a sustainable project should undertake. These basic factors are key to assure a well designed passive project, in which its building physics, will not only help improve the thermal comfort of its occupants but also help reduce the energy loads.

In Lombok in particular, these kinds of studies are important not only because the electricity cost can be quite expensive, but also because the electrical supply grid can be sometimes un-reliable. Reducing the electrical demand through passive design doesn’t only help reduce the carbon footprint of the project, but also contributes to lower running costs whilst better quality of the space and its occupants comfort at all times, without depending on the electrical grid reliability.

Bambook can help you run the following design studies and develop passive design strategies for your project and help your architect improve its design.

Do not hesitate to contact Nagaindo team for the latest investment opportunities. We always stay on top of market trends and accessible to our clients.

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