VIDEO NAGAINDO: We Have Come Full Circle

After many years of hard work and commitment, we have fulfilled one part of our mission.

From risky land banking transaction to the first and courageous buyers, from a secret surf break to a serene peace of land explored by adventurous tourists, Nagaindo have successfully welcomed their first hotel on Serangan beach, Selong Belanak bay, called Segar Lodge.

Thanks to a strong network of reliable players and local officials, Nagaindo have facilitated the works of their clients by not only servicing the whole site with proper road access and high voltage electricity but also by contributing to the integration of the new residents with the local community. Soon we will also witness our first client villa in the area, a 400 sqm mansion facing the ocean.

Patience is key, experience a big advantage. Nagaindo have always nurtured both and we continue to accept more clients with us, those in search for a safety net while investing & building with great freedom on the mystical south shores of Lombok island in Indonesia.

Talk to you soon.

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