Time To Reassess? Lombok natural beauty is calling

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Newsletter NI Q2 2020 – Time to reassess, Lombok natural beauty is calling

Can you hear the nature calling? As the world sees the light at the end of the ‘de-confinement’ tunnel, we have all reassessed our options and ‘life’ gets a different value. Living in big cities now seems pretty overrated as a new balance between health and money takes ground. Hard assets like land gets even more valuable than financial assets like stocks. Therefore do not be surprised if your apartment in downtown Sydney suddenly does not look so appealing anymore.

Time to reassess right? Lombok natural beauty is calling.
The good news is this is totally affordable.

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Recent events have shown the limits of our materialistic urban life: human degradation, overpopulation, wealth inequality. The search for a better life should be pursued. Social hazards like depression may hit those overrated cities next. Just think about it – today Venice has no real residents, Parisians are the most angry locals on earth, Mexico is sinking while Hong Kong hardly sees any blue sky. Big cities are just not worth the cost.

While liquidity, as seen in China can be tight temporarily, you may wonder what will happen to real estate prices after such a sudden crisis. In 1919, during the Spanish flu outbreak, investors abandoned savings and shares and flocked to the safe haven of property. They will do something similar again as distrust in financial assets grow and savings keep returning zero. As “de-confinement” takes place soon, the great attraction of the countryside healthy lifestyle will be highly beneficial to property with secluded, safe and so called paradise yet with international facilities. The Indonesian archipelago, with its locally dominated and stable property market, has plenty to offer on that side.

During recent events, South Lombok may have quickly lost 90% of its tourists (although a number of intrepid surfers decided to stay). But we have had an inflow of long term stays from across the world whilst things normalize. Thanks to a natural secluded position, a friendly sunny equatorial climate and a low cost of living, the lucky ones have already made that instinctive decision to be here. Next thing you know, digital nomads will grow tenfold in South Lombok, families will move here and put their kids in the already existing international school, highly educated city workers will back up their future by owning their piece of safe haven too in South Lombok, which boasts an international airport.

WATCH Lombok natural beauty calling

So, let us be smart and reallocate our portfolio. You may just opt for low risk land banking strategy or build your second home in such a safe and natural environment. Rural development with its strong sense of community will take over the capitalistic urban development as a model of life. The virus free generation will want to grow its own garden, just worrying about health, nature preservation and outdoor education.
Can you hear? Lombok natural beauty is calling.

Contact Nagaindo for more info and details about the above opportunities.

Jean-Marc Reynier
Nagaindo Director & Passionate Lombok Citizen