Living & Growing Healthy In South Lombok

South Lombok is a vibrant community. Local residents love the authentic place and the vibe they live in. They do spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking or surfing. They also care about their environment and they want the fast growing area to remain in harmony with its traditions and inhabitants. So they not only try to apply the latest sustainable trends in development but also adopt more healthy eating habits beyond the usual nasi goreng (“fried rice”) and Bintang beer.

Sustainable development is definitely a top talk in town. Small permaculture gardens have popped up all over, many looking how to improve the soil quality, mix the right crops or fight against erosion in hilly terrain. As for solar energy, a free energy, its long term benefit is huge a standard is being set. What really works though is related to the high disparity of water, a major issue for local communities. Replacing current construction practices and supporting the installation of efficient shower heads, toilets and other water appliances can conserve one of Earth’s most precious resources.

A perfect example of such a conscious development is Dome Lombok (Dome Projects Lombok), which is creating and selling sustainable concepts within house construction, water management and food production. Through the construction of Eco-domes, made mainly with compacted soil and lime stone, they are pushing boundaries in sustainable housing construction without neglecting quality and comfort.

On the other side, you can indulge yourself in one of those new healthy cafes (2 more amazing concepts opening soon, stay tuned!), which serve delicious dishes made with local ingredients and lots of love. The “eating well” trend can be vegan or gluten but always includes a more nourishing diet. You will be astonished by the new palette: kombucha, gluten free bread, miso aubergines, csweet potato & coconut curry, vegan ice cream… It is another voyage, this time culinary with fancy ingredients and a lot of local inspiration.

Beyond the search for eating healthy, there is a general interest in learning how to eat well and in harmony with the planet. What about you find a place where you can nourish your body, mind and soul, and learn through a new culinary experience! Tourists and residents alike want education and the local community has plenty of knowledgeable residents happy to share with you.

  1. “Eating to live instead of living to eat”, as the Chef says..

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