While still in soft opening, the opening of the Pullman is as important as the new international airport in 2011, the first international flight to Perth Australia in 2019 or the MotoGP in 2021. That will boost the reputation of South Lombok as a tourism destination for international travelers, by adding a new range of premium accommodation and facilities. The hotel will boast 400 rooms and suites, international dining as well as 5-star seafood restaurant, a ballroom to host conferences. They also introduce a new hiring and management style mixing more international and qualified labor with the local one. 

We expect more international flights to add such as Scoot from Singapore in October or Air Asia from Perth by the end of the year. Rumors are also circulating about Sydney and Dubai routes. South Lombok number of visitors have recovered somehow but remains 30% below pre pandemic levels. The wealthier part of the pie is still missing: the families with kids, the long-distance travelers from Europe especially, and the weekend hipsters from HKG and SG. 

The Superbike will take place on November 11-13th, to make that usual quiet month, a high season event. The future bodes well.

Private investment continues with several new venues. Over the last 6 months, only naming the ones who have already (re)opened: 
— Amber, the new beachside retreat
— Ashtari introducing its Indian & Slow Food
— Bara, the new venue for events and good vibes
— Dome Lombok, eco living and barefoot luxury in one
— Porter Hotel, the 30 room nicely designed hotel, 
— Tree Top bar, all craft wood bar terrace overlooking downtown Kuta
— Xanadu, the latest new surf and yoga retreat…

Inquiries for real estate are back on a cruise speed with investors from all over the world exploring the opportunities. We have had families with kids, moving from the corporate industry into the tourism business, we have seen high end property developers from Goa, India emulating their success back home, we have had the healing crowd in search for their ideal location for holistic retreats or initiatory journeys.

Being a private villa to build overlooking a surf break, a business concept to be turned into reality with key locations and connections or just a piece of land to invest for the long run, we are happy to assist you and bring our experience to source the best land for you and complete your investment safely and successfully.

Jean Marc Reynier, director & founder
WA: +62 (0) 813 533 29501

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