Dear Lombok “beholder”,

While tourists have been barred to a large extent from visiting the country since the start of the pandemic, some have managed to enter the country under business visas or e-visas. The thing is they are here to stay. Who are those curious new residents?

From a forced business sale in Cambodia to a depression caught in hard lockdown in Singapore or Australia or just cast away from their own country China, since late 2020, an inflow of fresh entrepreneurs is repleting the expatriate community in Bali and Lombok. A latest study shows that, 20% of executives in Europe are now planning to keep working remotely or relocating abroad for a better life balance.

Attracted by Indonesia’s & Lombok exotic lifestyle, a majority of our new clients this year have become new residents: a former chef and his wife relocated from Australia to South Lombok, a Swiss crypto investor planning his lifestyle change, but also an online yoga teacher from China stranded and fell in love with South Lombok or an American business man and his family ready to enter semi-retirement in his native country and picking Lombok as his new base.

They found their new lifestyle by acquiring land with us among our portfolio: Twin Peaks (Serangan beach), Rolling Waters (Are Guling bay) or Bumbang Sunset (Gerupuk bay). The first one, a serviced beachfront area, has already its own dynamics and purports an amazing vision of the future lifestyle. The second one, close to Kuta Mandalika, is a hill site ready to be serviced with panoramic views over the surf breaks and island of Gili Nusa. The third one, next to a massive nature park, is the best value for money and close to the new highway to international airport and Mandalika MotoGP street circuit.

Contact us if you want also be part of this new lifestyle and gain access to our latest opportunities. Our portfolio is diverse and can cater to many investment profiles.

Jean Marc Reynier, director & founder
WA: +62 (0) 813 533 29501

“Come Find Unique LAND INVESTMENT & LIFESTYLE In Indonesia Endless Archipelago.”