South Lombok Hidden Gem Revealed

It is time for us to disclose our most secret land opportunity. Think Uluwatu, think plenty of surf breaks, think natural surroundings…

As Mandalika has pushed development east to the outskirts of Gerupuk bay, dream seekers have gained growing interest in the area of Bumbang and Awang on the other side of that bay: a forestry area and nature park of unique beauty located between Ekas and Gerupuk bay called Gunung Tunak.There is a narrow stretch of land which connect those 2 bays with wonderful properties to be acquired for your holiday home. Either on your terrace hanging on the top of the cliff over the ocean or enjoying the sunset over Gerupuk bay and its many islets, there is too much charm to ignore the opportunity.

South Korea’s Ministry of Forestry has even granted a budget of Rp 20 billion for ecotourism development at Gunung Tunak nature park and set the Jeju Islands as a role-model. The Gunung Tunak conservation area spans over 1,200 hectares and is well known locally for its stunning beauty and majestic views of the ocean from towering limestone cliffs. The nature reserve encompasses jungle and cliffs as well as six undeveloped beaches. Protected species in the park include deer, eagles, hawks, and turtles, which return to the same nesting places on the beaches each year to lay their eggs. The park is also home to thousands of butterflies, with 50-60 species having been identified — making the area significant for having the most butterfly species in Indonesia. 
WATCH Gunung Tunak nature park

Not only the area is dotted with a vast range of surf breaks but it is also connected with high voltage power and freshly asphalted road. Nagaindo is willing to offer you some of its premium properties on hill site or beach front (cliffs) for both Ekas and Gerupuk side, all within a few minutes from the nature park. Prices in the area for premium land are 2-3 times cheaper than Kuta or Selong Belanak.

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